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It’s always a joy to bring you good news! And now we’re back. Tsinda, a new product, was introduced to the market in February of this year. Tsinda are the crunchiest sweet potato crisps you’ve ever tasted. Tsinda is a Kinyarwanda verb that directly translates to win/winning.

The sweet potatoes we’re talking about are the best of the best, grown in the rich soils of East Africa and carefully sourced by our team of experts before being produced at our Musanze factory. The cooking process is what distinguishes them and gives them a premium taste. Our crisps are kettle cooked, which means they are cooked in small batches in order to retain their irresistible flavor.

Tsinda crisps are well-known for a variety of positive attributes, the most notable of which are their crunchiness and affordability for all. Thinking about getting a snack, don’t hesitate to look for your Tsinda at the nearest supermarket in Kigali or contact us via our social media platforms.


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