Half-Day Field visits

Join our agronomists to the potato fields and meet our farmers. During this half-day harvesting experience, you will set off very early in the morning with our team and participate with either quality tests in the field or harvesting and all it’s related activities. The half-day tours are available according to group size and planning of our agronomists.

Package 1: field quality visit

We always give our farmers advice based upon real-time quality tests conducted in the field. Learn which tests we do and what it tells us about the potatoes which the farmer is growing.

Package 2: harvesting experience

Harvesting is an exciting process to participate in. It covers way more than just retrieving potato tubers from the ground. These potatoes need to be sorted, packed, transported and off-loaded. In half a day you will see an overview of this process surounded  by the beautiful natural scenery of Rwanda.

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Package 3: become Winnaz Master Taster!

During this exciting half-day activity you will collaborate and become part of our Product Development team. We continuously work on improving the quality of our crisps and brainstorm of which new flavours to introduce or maybe even develop new snacks like sweet potato crisps, banana crisps or casava crisps!

It speaks for itself that your participation can not go without recognition. You will be awarded with the Winnaz Master Taster Certificate and immortalized on our Wall of Fame.

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