Team Rwanda

 Meet our Rwandan Hollanda FairFoods Team that is led by a skilled management team whose mission is to strive to create opportunities for men and women  focused to  serve and meet the needs of customers across the country and worldwide.

Winnaz would not be the brand it is today without these  men and women Champs who work tirelessly to make it happen.  50% of our staff in Kigali and Musanze  are passionate young  women who- over the years have grown to become Rwanda’s crisps specialists.

Whereas in Musanze we have our production team that runs the factory. They know like no other how to source the best potatoes and transform them into crunchy delicious Winnaz crisps! 

“Since the start, I am able to express my abilities in Winnaz without any limitations”

Iyakaremye Celestin
Head of Commerce

“Everyone at Winnaz shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission”

Muhimpundu Nicole
Head of Operations

“The work environment is vibrant and coworkers at winnaz have a lot of company pride”

Production Manager

“I am glad to be working with a brand that has a winner’s mentality!”

Niyibizi Egide
Head of the Factory 

“Winnaz interest in producing quality than quantity& flexibility among co-workers makes work fun”

Muhayimana Eric
Head of Quality

 “To Succeed , we must have a team work mentality and passion to achieve our Dream”

Ntitenguha Philbert
Chief Agronomist 

“When Sales are high, I am happy!”

Murazimana Callxitte
Helping hand

“Whenever you want to build a company you need experts that have knowledge, skills and experience in your Industry. And most importantly share the same passion.”

Thijs Boer
Founder & CEO

“Winnaz focuses on winning”

Umutoni Coco
Sales representative

“I thoroughly enjoy working with my coworkers’ .it’s a very light-hearted atmosphere that encourages me to work every day”

Kaseim Moussa Salim
Driver & G.O.A.T

“Employees are more than just coworkers”

Habiyaremye Octave
Sales representative MSZ

 “The Winnaz spirit of winning makes me work harder ”

Murasira Maurice
Sales representative