crispsWhat makes Winnnaz crisps so special? They stand out among other potato crisps because of the rich flavour and delicious crispness. Winnaz crisps are even lower Priced than Foreign brands. Winnaz is the first high quality crisps are made from only the finest potatoes,sunflower oil,and iodized salt

so help yourself to some delicious winnaz crisps,you deserve it!


Meet the team : Lambert

IMG_4639B  LR logoLambert is a 46-year-old man who has a wife and three kids. He was born in Muhanga district and lives in Musanze where he completed his primary education and majored in Agriculture at a vocational school.

He is a stock manager at Winnaz. As for working experience, he worked in Ruhango as a farmer growing cassava and rearing cattle. He likes his experience at Winnaz because it has helped him to learn and know about different things including team work. It has also given him the motivation to work hard at his job.

Lambert has faced three challenges which are language barriers, getting used to using new machinery, and lastly keeping and managing time because he has to come first and leave after everyone else. However, he said that his collegeaus and the entire Winnaz community have helped him to overcome these challenges.

His future goals are giving his children a good education, growing more crops as a part time activity and rearing more cattle.



Sunflower oil


sunseedSunseed Mukwano 100 % pure, 100% Ugandan.

Winnaz is using Sunseed sunflower oil. Sunseed sunflower oil is ultra refined, rich in vitamin E, low in saturated fat and cholesterol free. Read More

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