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Today, we were honored to welcome the Ambassador of the Netherlands to Rwanda at our Winnaz crisp production factory. This visit highlights the ongoing collaboration between Hollanda Fair Foods and the Dutch government to enhance potato farming in Rwanda.

During her visit, the Ambassador had the opportunity to observe our state-of-the-art Winnaz crisp production process. She was impressed by the efficiency and quality standards we uphold to ensure that our products meet the highest benchmarks.

A key focus of Hollanda Fair Foods is to improve the quality of potatoes grown in Rwanda. Over the past decade, we have implemented advanced farming techniques from the Netherlands, which have significantly boosted potato yields for farmers in Musanze. These techniques include better seed quality, optimized irrigation systems, and sustainable pest management practices.

Our efforts have made a tangible impact on the lives of potato farmers in Musanze. By adopting these innovative farming methods, farmers have seen a substantial increase in their crop yields. This not only improves their livelihoods but also contributes to the overall food security in Rwanda.

As we strive towards achieving food security, sustainable agricultural practices remain at the forefront of our mission. Our partnership with the Netherlands has been instrumental in promoting environmentally friendly and economically viable farming methods.

We are deeply grateful to the government of the Netherlands for its continuous support and collaboration. Their expertise and resources have been invaluable in driving the progress we see today in Rwanda’s potato farming sector.

The visit of the Dutch Ambassador to our factory underscores the success of our joint efforts in improving agricultural practices and achieving food security in Rwanda. We look forward to continuing this fruitful partnership and making further strides in sustainable agriculture.

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