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At Hollanda FairFoods, we have made significant strides in enhancing the potato value chain in Rwanda. By collaborating with sector leaders, we aim to improve the quality of potatoes at every stage of production for Winnaz potato crisps.

In recent years, Hanse Agrostore has played a crucial role in enhancing our storage capacity. This advancement has allowed us to store and maintain the freshness of our potatoes for extended periods. Our storage capacity has increased significantly, from an initial 20 tons in 2014 to an impressive 120 tons stored in our warehouse in Musanze.

Our commitment to quality improvement involves close collaboration with agronomists and farmers. We continuously enhance the quality of our potatoes by implementing experimental farming techniques. This includes using healthy potato seeds during the planting phase and providing farmers with comprehensive training to improve their yield.

Through strategic partnerships and innovative farming practices, our efforts to improve the potato value chain have yielded impressive results. We have enhanced storage and quality, benefiting farmers, consumers, and the overall industry. Our initiatives have also supported local communities in achieving sustainable agricultural success.

Our journey towards improving the potato value chain in Rwanda has been marked by significant achievements. By prioritizing quality, storage, and collaboration, we have driven positive change in the agricultural sector. Join us in celebrating this journey and stay tuned for more updates as we continue to make strides in sustainable agriculture.


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