Winnaz Staff and How They’re Coping With The COVID_19 Pandemic

WINNAZ is a potato crisps brand that has been operating in Rwanda for over 4 years now. Based in Musanze, today Winnaz produces 4 flavors. Salted, Paprika, Salt & Vinegar and Pizza. The brand strives to be a winning premium brand leading in quality and tasty crisps, with production in the region working with young and energetic youth in all its lanes of operation. With the COVID_19 outbreak, the pandemic has affected several business operations forcing many to adjust their daily processes and strategy to keep up and moving. It is in these circumstances that food processing industries need to be creative, hard-working with a winner’s mentality to overcome the challenges of this outbreak. To better understand what we as Winnaz are doing we give you the opportunity to learn more about our Winnaz staff and partners as they are the pillars of the company and will share their stories and how they’re coping with the COVID_19 outbreak.

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