Sunflower oil

Sunseed Mukwano 100 % pure, 100% Ugandan.

Winnaz is using Sunseed sunflower oil. Sunseed sunflower oil is ultra refined, rich in vitamin E, low in saturated fat and cholesterol free. Sunflower oil is what we call pure oil because it has one ingredient: sunflower. We choose to use sunflower oil for our crisps because it has less fat than vegetable oil. Almost all crisps companies use vegetable oil. The quality of vegetable oil is lower as it is mixed with vegetables and chemicals.

Winnaz is the only crisps company in East Africa that uses sunflower oil. This is what makes us special.

The feedback that we get from customers is that the oil in our crisps tastes less oily. Sunflower oil gives a more natural taste and it doesn’t smell chemical.

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