Newest flavour "Pizza"

Our newest flavour “Pizza” is now every where in the shops and Supermarkets , here in Kigali & Kampala.Get yours at your Next shop /Alimentation¬†

During our Promotions every one is eligible to taste on our flavours and we let you know more on its.

Sweet pepper

Red Bell Pepper or Paprika is one of our flavours of Winnaz potato crisps. To avoid any confusion red bell peppers are not hot or pili pili, but sweet. This weekend we Will give away red bell peppers during promotions at the following places : Tontos, The Boutique, Blu Marine, Ndoli's Joint, Kanquim, Germany Butchery and La Gardienne. (27-28th september)

cercle sportif

we always have promotions at every last weekend of the Month ! Cercle Sportif is one of the among place of our Promotions

Family Mate

Get your favorite crisps into the Supermarkets in Kigali and Kampala. visit our shelf at your nearest Supermarket

We still giving away red Bell peppers / Paprika in our promotions entered in this weekend @Ndoli’s Joint ,Tontos,Blu Marine and The Boutique. (27-28th September)

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