Meet the team: Jaunice

Mukamirwa Jaunice is a 21 years old Rwandan lady who lives in Musanze. She completed primary education and secondary studies in Accounting. Jaunice lives with her father, as her mother died in the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. She has four siblings and is the last born in her family. In her free time she likes praying.

Jaunice peels potatoes and is responsible for the quality of potatoes that goes into the cutting machine. Winnaz is her first job after her high school education. Jaunice likes to work for Winnaz because the salary is good. She uses her salary to buy beneficial things. For example with her first salary, she bought a cow and gave money to her cooperative. She is also able to manage her personal expenses and to take care of her family. Jaunice has not yet faced any challenges, instead she has learnt how to work with people who have different personalities. Her future goals are to study at INES Ruhengeri University in 2018 by paying her own tuition. In the future she wants to start up her own restaurant and support her family as much as possible.

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