Kinigi potatoes are the best potatoes grown in Uganda and Rwanda. We chose to use them for our chips because they have a delicious taste. Kinigi potatoes make chips crunchier than other potatoes. They have less water, which reduces the amount of oil in the chips. They have a better color (yellow) than other potatoes, which are whiter. The yellow color of Kinigi potatoes keeps it color even in the chips. We also chose to use Kinigi potatoes because it is the best potato in the region.

We learnt about Kinigi potato from the research where it was noticed that Kinigi potato is used most for French fries.  Rwanda being the second largest country in Sub-Sahara producing potatoes motivated us to start up a chips producing company because it would be easy for us to get Kinigi.

The prices for Kinigi potatoes are good and in addition to that, we pay a higher price than the market price because at Winnaz we like the best quality. We appreciate their investment in quality, which is why potato farmers like supplying to us more than other companies. We selected 500 farmers who sell to us the best Kinigi potatoes and they are paid a good price.

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