Sunflower oil

Sunseed Mukwano 100 % pure, 100% Ugandan.

Winnaz is using Sunseed sunflower oil. Sunseed sunflower oil is ultra refined, rich in vitamin E, low in saturated fat and cholesterol free. Sunflower oil is what we call pure oil because it has one ingredient: sunflower. We choose to use sunflower oil for our crisps because it […]

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Meet the team: Jaunice

Mukamirwa Jaunice is a 21 years old Rwandan lady who lives in Musanze. She completed primary education and secondary studies in Accounting. Jaunice lives with her father, as her mother died in the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. She has four siblings and is the last born in her family. In her free time she likes praying.

Jaunice peels […]

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Kinigi potatoes are the best potatoes grown in Uganda and Rwanda. We chose to use them for our chips because they have a delicious taste. Kinigi potatoes make chips crunchier than other potatoes. They have less water, which reduces the amount of oil in the chips. They have a better color (yellow) than other potatoes, […]

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East Africa here we come!

Winnaz potato crisps are quickly conquering the hearts of many East Africans, starting in Rwanda and Uganda.

In 2015 a new brand, named Winnaz was born. Since May last year, our crisps have been in stores all over Rwanda, and sure enough Rwandans embrace Winnaz crisps!

Since January 2016 we are also available in Kampala, Uganda. In […]

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Potato farmers sell their potatoes straight to our Winnaz factory. They get a better price for their crops that they wouldn’t get anywhere else. This means that farmers get a higher income and increase their quality of life.

The higher price secures Winnaz to get the best available potatoes which maintain our high quality of crisps. In […]

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